Publication Date: Aug 2015
RRP: $24.95
ISBN: 9781922235961
Format: Paperback
Size: 153mm x 234mm
Pages: 96
Category: Verge

Verge 2015


Edited by Joan Fleming and Anna Jaquiery

‘You enter into murkiness, the unfamiliar, difficulty, miniature theatrical stages, staged heart, aural agility, sumptuous image building, dissolution, elusive meaning, skerricks of story, smidgeons of character, semantic hinges. Aural chords. Visual melodies. Sharps and flats for ear and eye. What binds this collection of writing is an utterly infectious joy of language.’  Paula Green, NZ Poetry Shelf

errance n. 1 the act of travelling from one place to another without any clear destination 2 a wandering of the mind

The eleventh edition of Monash University’s creative writing annual collects itinerant stories and poems that draw their energy from travel, in-between spaces, and the unknown.

Characters travel from country to country, or drift between borders; they don’t know where they are. Poems buzz in the liminal space between knowing and being. They delight in the incommensurable. Mars, Iraq, sex, death, thinking statues, vulgar tourists, journeys to the underworld, insects, geometry, music, the abject and the rapturous are all invited.

Verge 2015 includes works from established and emerging writers from Australia and around the world.