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  • Robert Smithson: Time Crystals

    Dr Amelia Barikin, Professor Chris McAuliffe and Professor Stephen Melville
  • Variations

    Tristen Harwood, Grace McQuilten and Anthony White
  • Vinyl Dreams

    Tony Wellington
  • Full Coverage

    Samuel J. Fell
  • Renee So

    Charlotte Day and Melissa Ratliff
  • Thin Skin

    Jennifer Higgie and Chloe Aridjis
  • Collective Movements

    Kate ten Buuren and Maya Hodge
  • Let’s Go Outside

    Charlotte Day, Callum Morton & Amy Spiers
  • Freak Out

    Tony Wellington
  • Tree Story

    Charlotte Day and Melissa Ratliff
  • Popular Art and the Avant-Garde

    Vincent Alessi
  • Intrépide

    Clem Gorman and Therese Gorman
  • Victory over Death: The Art of Colin McCahon

    Rex Butler and Laurence Simmons
  • Half the Perfect World

    Paul Genoni and Tanya Dalziell
  • Antipodean Perspective

    Rex Butler and Sheridan Palmer
  • Creativity Crisis

    Robert Nelson
  • Making a Meal of It

    Brian McFarlane
  • Banksia Lady

    Carolyn Landon
  • Double-Act

    Brian McFarlane
  • Personal View

    Janine Burke
  • Life of SYN

    Ellie Rennie
  • Seize the Day

    Kate Darian-Smith, Richard Gillespie, Caroline Jordan and Elizabeth Willis
  • Silences and Secrets

    Kay Dreyfus
  • Rhythm and Meaning in Shakespeare

    Peter Groves
  • Intersections and Counterpoints

    Luke Morgan
  • Small Screens

    Michelle Arrow, Jeannine Baker and Clare Monagle
  • Monash Steps / Stawell Steps

    Hiroshi Nakao, Nigel Bertram, Virginia Mannering, with Peter Bennetts (Photographer)
  • Manga Vision

    Sarah Pasfield-Neofitou and Cathy Sell,  with manga artist Queenie Chan
  • The Spirit of Secular Art

    Robert Nelson
  • Drawing the Line

    Richard Scully and Marian Quartly
  • Publishing Means Business

    Aaron Mannion, Millicent Weber and Katherine Day