Publication Date: Aug 2011
RRP: $24.95
ISBN: 9781921867200
Format: Paperback
Size: 148mm x 210mm
Pages: 124
Category: Verge

Verge 2011

The Unknowable

Edited by Anna MacDonald, Bethany Norris, Catherine Noske and Nicholas Tipple

Open Access

‘The stories and poems in this mesmerising collection are well aware of the importance of putting one foot forward, then the next. They walk confidently. They have hit their stride. And it’s inspiring to go for a walk with them. But they also know that texts hop, skip and jump, texts dance, texts clasp their limbs to their bodies, texts do whatever they please.’ Michael Hulse, University of Warwick

Verge 2011: The Unknowable showcases the most exciting new writers to emerge from Monash University and the University of Warwick. An annual anthology of fiction and poetry in its seventh edition, Verge has an editorial committee of postgraduate students from the creative writing programmes of these institutions who all share a passion for the written word.

This year Verge asked writers to journey beyond the edge of the known, to contem-plate the incomprehensible and grapple with the unknown. Each story and poem in this volume touches on the mystery of the unknowable in a unique and graceful way.

This edition is the first to include contributions from students beyond Monash University and is thus a truly diverse collection. Much inspired by the initiatives and support of the universities’ creative writing programmes, this edition aims to capture an international audience.