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Personal Politics
Inspiring Change
Wild Quests
Justice in Kelly Country
The bad ideas blocking real action
Jennifer Rayner
The climate assertions that only prevent effective action, and what could replace them

Climate Clangers 3D cover
Personal Politics

Sexuality, Gender and the Remaking of Citizenship in Australia

Leigh Boucher, Barbara Baird, Michelle Arrow, Robert Reynolds

‘An interesting analysis of some major political campaigns that offers ways of understanding how they worked or didn’t work. We can learn from this for future strategies.’
Eva Cox

Personal Politics cover
Inspiring Change

How to Influence Behaviour for a Better World

Edited by Liam Smith, Jim Curtis, Peter Bragge and Paul Kellner

‘A book that demonstrates the promise of behavioural science in bringing better, healthier, more sustainable and more socially inclusive ways of living to our communities.’
Peter Singer, Professor of Bioethics, Princeton University

Inspiring Change cover
Wild Quests

Journeys into Ecotourism and the Future for Animals

Satyajit Das

‘Full of terrific insights, vivaciously written and gorgeously illustrated, Wild Quests combines enormous passion for wild animals with some telling truths about humanity’s wilful failure as guardians of our natural world’ Phillip Adams AO

Wild Quests cover
Towards Reproductive Justice

Ronli Sifris

To what extent are reproductive rights protected in Australia?
Towards Reproductive Justice cover
Justice in Kelly Country

The Story of the Cop Who Hunted Australia’s Most Notorious Bushrangers

Lachlan Strahan

A new edition of the highly acclaimed biography of Anthony Strahan, a frontier cop who pursued Ned Kelly

‘This is a fascinating and original history, taut and suspenseful, written with subtlety and flair.’
Tom Griffiths

Justice in Kelly Country cover
Time to Reboot

Feminism in the Algorithm Age

Carla Wilshire

Is the digital revolution killing feminism?
Time to Reboot cover

New Releases

  • A Naga Odyssey (Second Edition)

    Visier Meyasetsu Sanyü with Richard Broome
  • Personal Politics

    Leigh Boucher, Barbara Baird, Michelle Arrow, Robert Reynolds
  • Climate Clangers

    Jennifer Rayner
  • Wild Quests

    Satyajit Das
  • Justice in Kelly Country

    Lachlan Strahan
  • Inspiring Change

    Liam Smith, Jim Curtis, Peter Bragge and Paul Kellner
  • Time to Reboot

    Carla Wilshire
  • Towards Reproductive Justice

    Ronli Sifris
  • Enough is Enough Bundle (all 7 books)

    Multiple authors
  • Enough is Enough Bundle (3 books)

    Multiple Authors
  • For Social Betterment

    Jane Miller

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In the National Interest Series


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