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Democracy Sausage

Grilling the Democracy Sausage

Does our country have a vision for a stronger economy, fairer society, and more environmentally sustainable future? Who dares to imagine and fight for a better Australia? Speakers include Jo Dyer, Stephen Charles, Mehreen Faruqi. Moderated by Chris Wallace.

Is Australian media weakening democracy?

Is Australian media weakening democracy?

Two of our featured authors, Kevin Rudd and Cathy McGowan, join this discussion on a bold plan to rebuild truth and integrity

7-8pm | 14 Feb | Online event

No matter how we consume it, we’re surrounded by news. But how many of us know exactly how the news is created, how it’s shaped and manipulated by journalists, businesses and politicians? Does that process affect or even damage culture and public opinion? And what happens when the creation of that media begins to undermine the institutions that our democracy rests on?

With one of the most consequential elections looming, how the media works is a crucial question that we all need to engage with. To help us understand the answer, the Community Independents Project has assembled a peerless — and fearless! — panel who know intimately the impact of the news media on Australia’s democracy.

Join storied former ABC journalist, Kerry O’Brien, as he hosts an incredible discussion with two former Prime Ministers, Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull, and pioneer of the independent movement, former MP for Indi, Cathy McGowan.

Cathy Goes to Canberra: Doing Politics Differently
By News

Cathy Goes to Canberra: audiobook now available

Monash University Publishing is pleased to announce that following successful print and ebook editions, Cathy Goes to Canberra: Doing Politics Differently by Cathy McGowan is now available as an audiobook. Narrated by Cathy herself, the audiobook is available from all quality retailers, including and Kobo.

The paperback edition is available from our online store.

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