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Coupon Codes

Monash University Publishing is now offering 20% discount coupons to staff and students when purchasing via our website: Monash University Publishing.

To save 20% on any of our topical, engaging and informative titles today, use the most relevant of the below coupons (only one may be applied per order) at checkout.
staff20delivery   (20% off – shipping paid separately)
staff20pickup     (20% off – free pick up from our office*)
student20           (20% off – shipping paid separately)
*Staff pick up is between the hours of 9am and 5pm Tuesdays and Thursdays from our Monash Clayton office upon receiving a confirmation email that their order has been fulfilled.

Our address:
Monash University Publishing
Sir Louis Matheson Library, Level 2
40 Exhibition Walk, Monash University VIC 3800
Office No: 266A

NOTE: To verify that the order is made by Monash Staff or Students and have any of the above coupons applied we will be requesting that orders are made with a Monash University email address.

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