In the National Interest

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In the National Interest is a series in the Monash University Publishing list that focuses on the challenges confronting Australia. The series informs, influences and inspires public discourse. Showcasing experts both from within Monash and across Australia, these short, thought-provoking and accessible books address the major issues of our times.

Curated by Greg Bain, former Director, Monash University Publishing and UQ Press, the series offers eminent researchers, policy makers and political practitioners the opportunity to ‘make the case’. Authors include economic experts, current and former politicians, lawyers, technological experts, political reformers, sociologists and whistle-blowers.

In the National Interest books reflect on the issues of the day: leadership in modern politics, Australia’s role in our region, managing a pandemic, gender affairs, and the role of the public service, and all the vital stories confronting Australians today.

The series adds evidence and nuance to debates all too often rendered simplistic.
In the National Interest offers serious general readers evidence-based arguments that spark informed debate on the issues that matter.