Publication Date: Dec 2022
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Category: Biography

Turning Points

25 Remarkable Australians and the Moments that Changed Their Lives

Edited by Mary Ryllis Clark

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‘There is something to wonder at on every page. You wonder at the choices made and at the way human willpower, ingenuity and courage combined to change so many lives. As you read you realise that by action or example each actor in a human drama has shown the way to countless others. Each turning point is a beginning … It’s the risktakers whose stories interest Mary Ryllis Clark. Everyone who reads Turning Points will find reasons to rejoice and to admire.’ – Brenda Niall

‘Many people have a powerful story to tell about a turning point that led to them finding their purpose, their passion.’

When historian Henry Reynolds witnessed extreme racial injustice, he was ignited to change the course of his research. Whistleblower Andrew Wilkie bravely spoke out about Australia’s involvement in the Iraq War. Actor Jack Charles’s time in the Marumali healing program, developed by a fellow Stolen Generation survivor, set him on a path of self-discovery. Teacher Anthony Bartl was paralysed from the neck down, but it hasn’t stopped him from snorkelling, skiing and going on an African safari.

From Rosalie Martin, a speech pathologist working to increase literacy among prisoners, to Gia-Yen Luong, the daughter of Vietnamese refugees who is improving education in Australia, each contributor shares a moment that changed their future, sparking them to live a life of passion and purpose – and in turn enriching the lives of others.

These true stories of triumph and tragedy, hope and survival, show the power each of us holds to improve the world. Other contributors include Robyn Davidson, Gillian Triggs, Inala Cooper, Anna Funder, Peter Doherty, Stephanie Alexander, Allan Fels, Fiona Patten and Elizabeth Chong.

Mary Ryllis Clark

Mary Ryllis Clark is a writer and historian. The author of several books, she also wrote a fortnightly column for The Age, ‘Historic Victoria’, from 1992 to 2005. Mary migrated from London to Australia in 1974, lives in a historic...
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