Publication Date: Sep 2007
RRP: $19.95
ISBN: 9780980361605
Format: Paperback
Size: 153mm x 234mm
Pages: 184
Category: Art

The Spirit of Secular Art

A History of the Sacramental Roots of Contemporary Artistic Values

Robert Nelson

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The Spirit of Secular Art: A History of the Sacramental Roots of Contemporary Artistic Values explains the spiritual prestige of art. Various theorists have discussed how art has an aura or indefinable magic. This book explains how, when and why it gained its spiritual properties. The idea that all art is somehow spiritual (even though not religious) is often assumed; this book, while narrating the historical trajectory of art in the most accessible language, reveals how the mysteries of religious practice are abstracted and saved through all stages of secularisation in European culture.

The Spirit of Secular Art presents a coherent theory defining the sacred basis of Western aesthetics. It evocatively describes the afterlife of the holy from Ancient Greece to the present, and outlines how the mysterious institution of art can be explained in material terms. Unlike other books in the genre, The Spirit of Secular Art radically deconstructs traditional art history in terms of ‘prestige’ and the value of the non-material. The book functions as:

  • an alternative critical history of art, integrated with the histories of literature and belief
  • a philosophical essay on the fundamental values of art and religion
  • a critique of the spiritual conceits of contemporary aesthetics and art appreciation

Robert Nelson

Robert Nelson is Associate Dean in the Faculty of Art and Design at Monash University, Australia, where he lectures in art history and research methods. He is the author of many scholarly and polemical essays and reviews in journals such as Photofile and Artlink....
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