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John Lyons

Foreign Correspondents Speak Out

How do journalists share complex issues, particularly when they are writing for an audience which is on the other side of the world?

Join our discussion with John Lyons, the author of a new book, Dateline Jerusalem which looks at how Israel is covered by the Australian media and a former Middle East Correspondent for the Australian, Anshel Pfeffer senior correspondent and columnist for Haaretz and the Israeli correspondent for the Economist and Dina Kraft, a Tel Aviv-based journalist for the Los Angeles Times and Christian Science Monitor, to hear how foreign correspondents work to tell other people’s stories and shape the discourse in their home country.

Dateline Jerusalem launch

Dateline Jerusalem author John Lyons in conversation with Stan Grant

Rarely is the public taken deep into the inner sanctum of major news organisations.

In this extraordinary book, award-winning journalist John Lyons goes to the heart of how the media reports—or does not report—one of the biggest stories of our time: the conflict in the Middle East. He looks at the power of lobby groups and shows how they determine much of what is written about Israel, and he turns the spotlight on his own profession and its failings. For Lyons, the six years he spent in Jerusalem as Middle East correspondent for The Australian were the toughest of his forty-year career. He explains how lobby groups attempt to prevent the real story being told and describes how journalists who accurately report what they see can be hounded and vilified, part of a practice of intimidation, harassment and influence peddling that is designed to stop the truth from being told—a practice that must stop.

This is an insider’s account of why the real story of the Israel–Palestine conflict goes largely unreported. It is also the story of why, in the wake of the international backlash against media coverage of the May 2021 Israel–Hamas violence, this could be about to change.

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