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Carrillo Gantner Q&A

Carrillo Gantner in conversation (Readings online)

Please note: this event is being held online.

Join us to hear Carrillo Gantner in conversation with Linda Jaivin, author of The Shortest History of China.

Gantner’s Dismal Diplomacy, Disposable Sovereignty: Our Problem with China & America, is an explanation of how we can repair the recent damage done to the Australian/US/China.

This book describes the current unhappy situation and, based on Gantner’s forty years of work in cultural exchange with China, offers some modest suggestions on improving bilateral relations.

This event is free to attend but bookings are essential.

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  • Dismal Diplomacy, Disposable Sovereignty

    Carrillo Gantner
Satyajit Das event

Satyajit Das: The Great Southern Province of China (Gleebooks)

Over the last two decades, Australia has economically become a Southern Province of China. But now the trade relationship is fracturing. Australia’s military relationship with the US, such as the new AUKUS alliance, has raised Chinese ire.

The tensions between geography, economic interests and history is longstanding. Australia struggles to reconcile its location and economic self-interest which suggest an affinity with Asia and history and culture which identify with America and Europe. Whether the nation can straddle this barbed wire fence will shape our prosperity and security future.

atyajit Das is a financier, named in 2014 by  Bloomberg as among the 50 most influential people in financial markets. He has held senior positions in banks and industry and now works as a consultant to investors and corporations globally.

He is also the author of Traders, Guns & Money (2006) , Extreme Money (2011)  and A Banquet of Consequences (2015 and 2021) (published in North America as Age of Stagnation). He is also the author (with Jade Novakovic) of In Search of the Pangolin: The Accidental Eco-Tourist (2006). His latest book is Fortune’s Fool: Australian Choice (March 2022).

He appeared in Charles Ferguson’s 2010 Oscar-winning documentary Inside Job. He has spoken at the Sydney and Melbourne Writers Festival, Adelaide Festival of Ideas and Sydney’s Festival of Dangerous Ideas.

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