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  • Burning Down the House

    Jo Dyer
  • Fortune’s Fool

    Satyajit Das
  • Good International Citizenship

    Gareth Evans
  • Rape Culture

    Louise Newman
  • Governing in the Internet Age

    Paul Fletcher
  • System Failure

    Michael Bradley
  • Dateline Jerusalem

    John Lyons
  • Population Shock

    Abul Rizvi
  • Leadership

    Don Russell
  • Tides that Bind

    Richard Marles
  • Blood Lust, Trust & Blame

    Samantha Crompvoets
  • A Decade of Drift

    Martin Parkinson
  • The Digital Revolution

    Simon Wilkie
  • Respect

    Jill Hennessy
  • Easy Lies & Influence

    Fiona McLeod
  • Enough is Enough

    Kate Thwaites and Jenny Macklin
  • Power & Consent

    Rachel Doyle
  • Our National Shame

    Kate Fitz-Gibbon
  • Who Dares Loses

    Wayne Errington & Peter van Onselen
  • The Case for Courage

    Kevin Rudd
  • Unmasked

    Bill Bowtell
  • Challenging Politics

    Scott Ryan
  • Dunera Lives bundle buy

    A Visual History/Profiles
  • Cathy Goes to Canberra

    Cathy McGowan
  • A Trip to the Dominions

    Lynette Russell
  • A Secret Australia

    Felicity Ruby and Peter Cronau
  • Spinning the Secrets of State

    Justin T. McPhee
  • Verge 2023

    Samuel Bernard, Thomas Rock and Vera Yingzhi Gu
  • Verge 2021

    Jessica Phillips, Anders Villani, Georgia White
  • Verge 2020

    Rebecca Bryson, Benjamin Jay and Giulia Mastrantoni
  • The Lajjagauri and Anandanayaki

    By Ramacandra Cintaman Dhere | Translated by Jayant Bhalchandra Bapat
  • Binding Things Together

    Ronald Noone
  • The Powerbroker

    Michael Gawenda
  • Popular Art and the Avant-Garde

    Vincent Alessi
  • Intrépide

    Clem Gorman and Therese Gorman
  • Victory over Death: The Art of Colin McCahon

    Rex Butler and Laurence Simmons
  • Dunera Lives

    Ken Inglis, Bill Gammage, Seumas Spark and Jay Winter with Carol Bunyan
  • Democratic Adventurer

    Sean Scalmer
  • On Red Earth Walking

    Anne Scrimgeour
  • On Red Earth Walking

    Anne Scrimgeour
  • I Wonder

    Peter Browne and Seumas Spark
  • The Fatal Lure of Politics

    Terry Irving
  • Attending to the National Soul + Fountain of Public Prosperity bundle buy

    Stuart Piggin and Robert D. Linder
  • Corporate Power in Australia

    Lindy Edwards
  • Buru Island

    Hersri Setiawan | Translated by Jennifer Lindsay
  • Geoffrey Blainey

    Richard Allsop
  • Attending to the National Soul

    Stuart Piggin and Robert D. Linder
  • The Shelf Life of Zora Cross

    Cathy Perkins
  • Mallee Country

    Richard Broome, Charles Fahey, Andrea Gaynor and Katie Holmes
  • Book Publishing in Australia

    Millicent Weber and Aaron Mannion