Publication Date: Dec 2016
RRP: $99.95
ISBN: 9781876924676
Format: Paperback
Size: 153mm x 234mm
Pages: 1000+
Category: Social Informatics

Research in the Archival Multiverse

Edited by Anne J Gilliland, Sue McKemmish and Andrew J Lau

Winner, Mander Jones Book Award 2016

Within the past 15 years, the field of archival studies around the world has experienced unprecedented growth, both within the academy and the profession, and archival studies graduate education programs today have among the highest enrolments in any information field. During the same period, there has also been unparalleled expansion and innovation in the diversity of methods and theories being applied in archival scholarship.

Global in scope, Research in the Archival Multiverse compiles critical and reflective essays across a wide range of emerging research areas and interests in archival studies with the aim of providing current and future archival academics with a text addressing possible methods and theoretical frameworks that have been and might be used in archival scholarship.

More than a collation of research methods for handy reference, this volume advocates for reflexive research practice as a means by which to lay bare the fuzziness and messiness of research. Whereas research in the form of published research papers and juried conference presentations provide a view of the study framed in terms of research questions and findings, reflexive research practice reveals the context of the study and chains of situations, choices, and decisions that influence the trajectories of the studies themselves. Such elucidations from the position of the researcher are instructive for others, who may be inspired to apply or adapt the method for their own research.

Anne J Gilliland, Sue McKemmish and Andrew J Lau

Anne J. Gilliland is Professor and Director, Archival Studies specialisation, Department of Information Studies, and Director, Center for Information as Evidence, Graduate School of Education & Information Studies, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).
Sue McKemmish is Chair of Archival Systems and Director, Centre for Organisational and Social Informatics, Monash University.

Andrew J Lau is Program Director for Instructional Content Development, UCLA Extension, and Lecturer, the University of Maryland College of Information Studies.


Amelia Acker, University of Pittsburgh
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Jeannette Allis Bastian, Simmons College, Boston
Joel A. Blanco-Rivera, Simmons College, Boston
Jenny Bunn, University College London
Michelle Caswell, University of California
Kate Cumming, State Records Authority of New South Wales
Amber L. Cushing, University College Dublin
Lorrie Dong, Post-Doctoral Scholar
Wendy Duff, University of Toronto
Anthony W. Dunbar, Diversity expert and consultant
Luciana Duranti, University of British Columbia
Joanne Evans, Monash University
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Anne J. Gilliland, University of California
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Pekka Henttonen, University of Tampere
Hans Hofman, (formerly) Nationaal Archief of the Netherlands
Eric Ketelaar, University of Amsterdam
Andrew J Lau, University of Maryland
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Zhiying Lian, Shanghai University of China
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Heather MacNeil, University of Toronto
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