Publication Date: Apr 2019
RRP: $24.95
ISBN: 9781925835335
Format: Paperback
Size: 140mm x 216mm
Pages: 136
Category: History, Monash Asia Series

Dateline Kashmir

Inside the World’s Most Militarised Zone

Tapan Bose, Harsh Mander, Dinesh Mohan, Pamela Philipose and Navsharan Singh

‘A timely and valuable contribution to the literature on Kashmir.’ Dr Priya Chacko, University of Adelaide

What is happening inside the world’s most militarised zone?

This book is the result of the authors’ visit to the Kashmir Valley, the northernmost region of the Indian subcontinent, in December 2016, but it encapsulates the experiences and understanding of their many years of engagement with this part of the world.

‘We wrote this book because we felt it was important to document this particular period in the long, troubled history of Kashmir because it marked for us a distinct phase of repression; a phase that saw targeted killings as well as injuries and blindings in flagrant defiance of humanitarian concerns and international norms on the treatment of civilian populations in conflict zones.’

The authors provide a concise history of the conflict in the valley and make a strong plea for humanity, fairness and justice.

Tapan Bose

Tapan Bose is a well-known documentary film-maker, human rights campaigner, founder of South Asia Forum for Human Rights and of the Committee for Initiative on Kashmir.
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Harsh Mander

Harsh Mander is an activist who has been visiting Kashmir since the mid-2000s.
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Dinesh Mohan

Dinesh Mohan is Honorary Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, and has been active in democratic and human rights movements for several years.
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Pamela Philipose

Pamela Philipose is a journalist, researcher and former director and editor-in-chief of the Women’s Feature Service, who has written on women’s experiences of conflict in India as well as the role of the media in responding to crucial contemporary issues.
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Navsharan Singh

Navsharan Singh is an independent researcher and women’s rights and human rights practitioner who has been visiting Kashmir since 2000.
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