Publication Date: Sep 2010
RRP: $37.95
ISBN: 9780980361681
Format: Paperback
Size: 153mm x 234mm
Pages: 332
Category: Australian History, History

Australians in Italy

Contemporary Lives and Impressions

Edited by Bill Kent, Ros Pesman and Cynthia Troup

‘This book makes an important contribution to an emerging field of study: the Australian diaspora in Europe. … As an Italophile … this collection was a great pleasure to read.’ Dr Catherine Kevin, Flinders University of South Australia

Long before the advent of modern tourism, Australians have travelled to live in Italy, or have undertaken extensive visits there. Indeed they continue to do so in increasing numbers, as women and men find Italian partners; as business people with European interests settle there; as retirees in their thousands seek ‘the good life’ that Italy – in Ros Pesman’s words, this ‘culturally endowed place of rebirth’ – seems to promise.

While many are familiar with celebrated expatriates such as Germaine Greer, Jeffrey Smart, Peter Robb and David Malouf, hundreds of other artists, writers, musicians and intellectuals have made and continue to make a notable contribution to the cultural and intellectual life of both countries. Whilst Australian studies flourishes in Italian universities, Australian academics write distinguished accounts of Italian history covering various eras. Despite this sustained activity, the scholarly and cultural engagement of Australians with Italy is not a well known story.

This collection seeks to map the past and present of the Australian love affair with Italy, yielding rich insights into its causes, motivations and transformations. Contributors include former Australian Ambassador to Italy Rory Steele, poet Peter Porter, contemporary artists Euan Heng and Jo-Anne Duggan, as well as distinguished academics and young scholars. Amongst the diverse range of articles and vignettes, Ian Britain writes on Donald Friend’s Italian years, Loretta Baldassar explores the phenomenon of reverse migration, and novelist Lisa Clifford reflects on her family ties with Italy.

Australians in Italy 
will appeal to scholars and students of migration and multi-culturalism, Australian Studies and Italian Studies, tourism and travel. It will also delight those interested in Italy and all things Italian – people of Italo-Australian background, armchair and actual travellers, sojourners in Italy, and the general reader.


  • Loretta Baldassar
  • Bruce Bennett
  • Judith Blackall
  • Ian Britain
  • Lisa Clifford
  • Mark Coleridge
  • Cathy Crupi
  • Jane Drakard
  • Jo-Anne Duggan
  • J. R. Green
  • Euan Heng
  • Peter Howard
  • Bill Kent
  • Alison Leitch
  • Aldo Lorigiola
  • Brian Matthews
  • Desmond O’Grady
  • Antonio Pagliaro
  • Luisa Panichi
  • Lorenzo Perrona
  • Ros Pesman
  • Peter Porter
  • Camilla Russell
  • Rory Steele
  • Cynthia Troup
  • Silvana Tuccio
  • Chris Wood

Bill Kent

Bill Kent passed away prior to the reissuing of Australians in Italy, but his contribution to the field of Rennaisance history is profound. He was an Australian Professorial Fellow in the School of Historical Studies at Monash University, and was founding director...
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Ros Pesman

Ros Pesman is Professor Emeritus in the School of Philosophical and Historical Enquiry at the University of Sydney where she was formerly Challis Professor of History and Pro-Vice-Chancellor for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. She is a former president...
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Cynthia Troup

Cynthia Troup is a writer and academic editor; her publications include articles in Italian Studies and short fiction, as well as essays and interviews in the fields of contemporary art and music. A founding member of the arts company Aphids, Troup...
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