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  • Here Be Monsters

    Richard King
  • On the Grid

    Guillaume Roger
  • Long Half-life

    Ian Lowe
  • Living with AI

    Campbell Wilson
  • Governing in the Internet Age

    Paul Fletcher
  • Book Publishing in Australia

    Millicent Weber and Aaron Mannion
  • Post-Digital Book Cultures

    Alexandra Dane and Millicent Weber
  • By the Book?

    Emmett Stinson
  • How the Computer Went to School

    Denise Beale
  • The Return of Print?

    Aaron Mannion and Emmett Stinson
  • Tinkering

    Katherine Wilson
  • Publishing Means Business

    Aaron Mannion, Millicent Weber and Katherine Day
  • Recordkeeping Informatics for a Networked Age

    Frank Upward, Barbara Reed, Gillian Oliver and Joanne Evans
  • Digital Divas

    Julie Fisher, Catherine Lang, Annemieke Craig and Helen Forgasz, with Amber McLeod