Publication Date: Nov 2022
RRP: $29.99
ISBN: 9781922633354
Format: Paperback
Size: 153mm x 234mm
Category: Sociology, Coming Soon, Digital Cultures


Why We Get Pushed to Extremes Online and How to Stop It

Jordan Guiao

This item will be released November 1, 2022

A lively, topical look at the rise of internet extremism and the role of governments

Many of us know an anti-vaxxer or a selfie-obsessed narcissist who clutters our social feeds; an online conspiracy theorist or a child whose face is buried in a smartphone. Some of us even live with one. How do we pull these people back from the brink of a digital abyss?

In this compelling account, researcher Jordan Guiao reveals what happens when we fall down the rabbit hole of online addiction and radicalisation. He speaks to COVID-19 ‘freedom fighters’, QAnon conspiracists, social media egoists, online gamers and men’s rights activists, tracing their path into obsession and how they found their way out. Drawing on psychology, neuroscience and the latest research on addiction, he prompts us to ask: how can we use the tools that connect us to stop isolating us? And what should our governments do to protect us?

In an age of online outrage and social media schisms, where Big Tech tracks our every click, it is time for a conversation about how to use the internet safely and for social good. Let’s stop the disconnect and create an online world we can all be proud of.

All author proceeds from the book will be donated to The Australia Institute.

Jordan Guiao

Jordan Guiao is a research fellow at The Australia Institute’s Centre for Responsible Technology. A former digital strategist for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and head of social media for the Special Broadcasting Service, he lived and worked in Silicon Valley, where...
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