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  • Paul and Paula

    Tim McNamara
  • The Consultancy Conundrum

    Lachlan Guselli and Andrew Jaspan
  • The Post-Pandemic Child

    Kim Cornish
  • Survival and Sanctuary

    Freda Hodge
  • On the Grid

    Guillaume Roger
  • Let’s Go Outside

    Charlotte Day, Callum Morton & Amy Spiers
  • Bibliography of Australian Literature Supplement

    John Arnold & Terence O’Neill, with the assistance of Christopher Wood & Rowan Gibbs
  • Class in Australia

    Steven Threadgold and Jessica Gerrard
  • Long Half-life

    Ian Lowe
  • Gladys

    Paul Farrell
  • Marrul

    Inala Cooper
  • Dismal Diplomacy, Disposable Sovereignty

    Carrillo Gantner
  • Fair Game

    Andrew Leigh
  • Now More than Ever

    David Anderson
  • Big

    Richard Denniss
  • Burning Down the House

    Jo Dyer
  • Fortune’s Fool

    Satyajit Das
  • Good International Citizenship

    Gareth Evans
  • Rape Culture

    Louise Newman
  • Governing in the Internet Age

    Paul Fletcher
  • System Failure

    Michael Bradley
  • Population Shock

    Abul Rizvi
  • Tides that Bind

    Richard Marles
  • Blood Lust, Trust & Blame

    Samantha Crompvoets
  • Respect

    Jill Hennessy
  • Easy Lies & Influence

    Fiona McLeod
  • Who Dares Loses

    Wayne Errington & Peter van Onselen
  • The Case for Courage

    Kevin Rudd
  • Dunera Lives

    Ken Inglis, Bill Gammage, Seumas Spark and Jay Winter with Carol Bunyan
  • Democratic Adventurer

    Sean Scalmer
  • Attending to the National Soul + Fountain of Public Prosperity bundle buy

    Stuart Piggin and Robert D. Linder
  • Corporate Power in Australia

    Lindy Edwards
  • Attending to the National Soul

    Stuart Piggin and Robert D. Linder
  • Book Publishing in Australia

    Millicent Weber and Aaron Mannion
  • Post-Digital Book Cultures

    Alexandra Dane and Millicent Weber
  • Asbestos in Australia

    Lenore Layman and Gail Phillips
  • Comfort and Judgement

    Gene Bawden
  • Contesting Australian History

    Joy Damousi and Judith Smart
  • Building Mixity!

    Maud Cassaignau and Markus Jung with Matthew Xue
  • Antipodean Perspective

    Rex Butler and Sheridan Palmer
  • Class Wars

    Tony Taylor
  • Dunera Lives

    Ken Inglis, Seumas Spark and Jay Winter with Carol Bunyan
  • David Syme

    Elizabeth Morrison
  • By the Book?

    Emmett Stinson
  • Don’t Mention the War

    Kevin Foster
  • An Imperial Affair

    John Rickard
  • Northern Lights

    Andrew Scott
  • Labor People

    Chris Bowen
  • Contemporary Australian Political Party Organisations

    Narelle Miragliotta, Anika Gauja and Rodney Smith
  • Dancing in my Dreams

    Kerry Highley