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  • Banksia Lady

    Carolyn Landon
  • Double-Act

    Brian McFarlane
  • John Jefferson Bray

    John Emerson
  • Human Rights and Human Wrongs

    Colin Tatz
  • Aftermath

    Karen Auerbach
  • Thinking the Antipodes

    Peter Beilharz
  • The English Country House in Literature

    Geoffrey G. Hiller
  • Witch-hunt and Conspiracy

    Nicholas Herriman
  • Political Animal

    Heather Nielson
  • Asian Horizons

    Angelo Andrea Di Castro and David Templeman
  • Earth and Industry

    Erik Eklund and Julie Fenley
  • How the Computer Went to School

    Denise Beale
  • Northern Lights

    Andrew Scott
  • Maestro John Monash

    Tim Fischer
  • New Tricks

    Richard Larkins
  • Trendyville

    Renate Howe, David Nichols and Graeme Davison
  • Verge 2014

    Gabriel Garcia Ochoa, Rebecca Jones and Oscar Schwartz
  • The Surprise Rival

    Alan Gregory
  • A Sense for Humanity

    Craig Taylor with Melinda Graefe
  • Pericleans, Plumbers and Practitioners

    Peter Yule and Fay Woodhouse
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