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  • Northern Lights

    Andrew Scott
  • Maestro John Monash

    Tim Fischer
  • New Tricks

    Richard Larkins
  • Trendyville

    Renate Howe, David Nichols and Graeme Davison
  • Verge 2014

    Gabriel Garcia Ochoa, Rebecca Jones and Oscar Schwartz
  • The Surprise Rival

    Alan Gregory
  • A Sense for Humanity

    Craig Taylor with Melinda Graefe
  • Pericleans, Plumbers and Practitioners

    Peter Yule and Fay Woodhouse
  • David Syme

    Elizabeth Morrison
  • Jean Galbraith

    Meredith Fletcher
  • Sri Lanka’s Secrets

    Trevor Grant
  • Wrestling with Words and Meanings

    Kate Burridge and Réka Benczes
  • Theories, Practices and Examples for Community and Social Informatics

    Tom Denison, Mauro Sarrica and Larry Stillman
  • A Companion to Philosophy in Australia and New Zealand (Second Edition)

    Graham Oppy and N. N. Trakakis
  • Javanese Grammar for Students

    Stuart Robson
  • Developing Sustainable Education in Regional Australia

    Andrew Gunstone
  • Intimacy, Violence and Activism

    Graham Willett and Yorick Smaal
  • Kartini

    Edited and translated by Joost Coté
  • An Imperial Affair

    John Rickard
  • Don’t Mention the War

    Kevin Foster
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