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  • Elections Matter

    Benjamin T. Jones, Frank Bongiorno and John Uhr
  • Class Wars

    Tony Taylor
  • Pericleans, Plumbers and Practitioners

    Peter Yule and Fay Woodhouse
  • Sri Lanka’s Secrets

    Trevor Grant
  • Northern Lights

    Andrew Scott
  • The Hanged Man and the Body Thief

    Alexandra Roginski
  • Labor People

    Chris Bowen
  • Contemporary Australian Political Party Organisations

    Narelle Miragliotta, Anika Gauja and Rodney Smith
  • Forbidden Memories

    Mery Kolimon, Liliya Wetangterah and Karen Campbell-Nelson
  • The Making of a Party System

    Zareh Ghazarian
  • Australian Religious Thought

    Wayne Hudson
  • Political Animal

    Heather Nielson
  • Aftermath

    Karen Auerbach
  • Human Rights and Human Wrongs

    Colin Tatz
  • No Way to Go

    Graham Currie, Janet Stanley and John Stanley
  • Race and the Modern Exotic

    Angela Woollacott
  • Up from the Underworld

    Andrew Reeves
  • Jean Primrose Whyte

    Coralie Elsenore Janis Jenkin
  • Eilean Giblin

    Patricia Clarke
  • The Market in Babies

    Marian Quartly, Shurlee Swain and Denise Cuthbert
  • Peace with Justice

    Clinton Fernandes
  • The China Breakthrough

    Billy Griffiths
  • Who’s Afraid of International Law?

    Raimond Gaita and Gerry Simpson
  • Respectable Radicals

    Marian Quartly and Judith Smart
  • First Blood

    Sally Dammery
  • Women, War and Islamic Radicalisation in Maryam Mahboob’s Afghanistan

    Faridullah Bezhan
  • The Sexual Abuse of Children

    Yorick Smaal, Andy Kaladelfos and Mark Finnane
  • A Handful of Sand

    Charlie Ward
  • How to Vote Progressive in Australia

    Dennis Altman and Sean Scalmer
  • Research in the Archival Multiverse

    Anne J Gilliland, Sue McKemmish and Andrew J Lau
  • Drawing the Line

    Richard Scully and Marian Quartly
  • Of Labour and Liberty

    Race Mathews
  • Australia’s Northern Shield?

    Bruce Hunt
  • Making Modern Australia

    Jenny Hocking
  • Digital Divas

    Julie Fisher, Catherine Lang, Annemieke Craig and Helen Forgasz, with Amber McLeod