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About the ePress

Monash University ePress commenced operating in 2003, as distinct department within Monash University. It was guided by an advisory board of both Monash and non-Monash academics and publishing experts. Its first title was published in late 2004, with an official launch in 2005. It Following some major changes in 2010, Monash University ePress was replaced by Monash University Publishing, and the ePress became an imprint of Monash University Publishing. The ePress imprint is no longer active (in that it is not publishing any new titles). However, its books can be viewed online for free, and many can also still be purchased as paperbacks.

Monash University Custom Publishing Services was an imprint of Monash University ePress. It too is now an imprint of Monash University Publishing, and its titles can also be read online or purchased as paperbacks.

All ePress titles – except for those published under the Monash University Custom Publishing Services imprint – underwent a double-blind peer-review process. Both books and journals were published.

Full list of ePress and Custom Publishing titles

Aims of the ePress

Monash University ePress was established in 2003 as an initiative that would lead the way in using innovative information technology to publish scholarly material. Its aims were to:

  • advance scholarly communication by reducing the costs of and barriers to scholarly publications
  • provide a more direct link between readers and writers of scholarly material
  • promote the best of Monash University's research activities and intellectual capital
  • provide a sustainable electronic publishing model that facilitates the identification and pursuit of commercial opportunities
  • use innovative information technology to capture, publish, retrieve, read and present scholarly material
  • lead by example and provide a body of expertise within the university

The ePress focused on publishing electronic journals in underserved and emerging disciplines. It also published monographs and edited collections. The ePress primarily served the humanities and social sciences fields.