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Volume 1

Volume 1 issue 1 2005

1. Editorial (PDF, 82kb)
- Jim Peterson

2. Harbour-side land parcel land-use changes: Significance in re-development planning permit appraisal in Melbourne, Australia (PDF, 2mb)
- Damien Luxford and Shobhit Chandra

3. Towards automation of impervious surface mapping using high resolution orthophoto (PDF, 10.4mb)
- Joshphar Kunapo, Pua Tai Sim and Shobhit Chandra

4. Suburban socio-spatial polarisation and house price change in Melbourne: 1986 - 1996 (PDF, 6,4mb)
- Margaret Reynolds and Maryann Wulff

5. Improving spatial decision support systems: Methodological developments for natural resources and land management (PDF, 1.5mb)
- Hedia Chakroun and Goze Bertin Benie

Volume 1 issue 2 2005

6. Foreword (PDF, 71kb)
- Gregoire Dubois

7. Spatial interpolation comparison 2004: Reviewers and editorial committee (PDF 34kb)

8. Acknowledgements (PDF, 61kb)
- Gregoire Dubois

9. Introduction to the Spatial Interpolation Comparison (SIC) 2004 exercise and presentation of the datasets (PDF, 419kb)
- Gregoire Dubois and S. Galmarini

10. Using ordinary kriging to model radioactive contamination data (PDF, 398kb)
- Elena Savelieva

11. Mapping radioactivity from monitoring data: Automating the classical geostatistical approach (PDF, 1mb)
- Edzer J. Pebesma

12. Automatic mapping in the presence of substitutive errors:A robust kriging approach (PDF, 600kb)
- Baptiste Fournier and Reinhard Furrer

13. Automatic mapping of monitoring data (PDF, 241kb)
- Soren Lophaven, Hans Bruun Nielsen and Jacob Sondergaard

14. Bayesian automating fitting functions for spatial predictions (PDF, 1mb)
- Monica Palaseanu-Lovejoy

15. Fast spatial interpolation using sparse Gaussian processes (PDF, 706kb)
- Ben Ingram, Lehel Csato and David Evans

16. Interpolation of radioactivity data using regularized spline with tension (PDF, 700kb)
- Jaroslav Hofierka

17. Automated mapping using multilevel B-Splines (PDF, 1.3mb)
- Anatoly A. Saveliev, Andrey V. Romanov and Svetlana S. Mukharamova

18. Spatial interpolation of natural radiation levels with prior information using back-propagation artificial neural networks (PDF, 562kb)
- J.P. Rigol-Sanchez

19. Spatial prediction of radioactivity using general regression neural network (PDF, 477kb)
- Vadim Timonin and Elena Savelieva

20. Investigation of two neural network methods in an automatic mapping exercise (PDF, 864kb)
- Sridhar Dutta, Rajive Ganguli and Biswajit Samanta

21. Support vector regression for automated robust spatial mapping of natural radioactivity (PDF, 293kb)
- Alexei Pozdnoukhov


Volume 1 issue 3 2005

22. (Expired notice. Not included.)

23. Editorial (PDF, 71kb)
- Jim Peterson and Ray Wyatt

24. Analysis of pre/post flood bathymetric change using a GIS: A case study from the Gippsland Lakes, Victoria, Australia (PDF, 14.3mb)
- Peter Wheeler

25. Land use history of central Lulea: a case study in the use of historical maps together with modern geographic municipal information (PDF, 26.5mb)
- Lynette Peterson and Christian Lundberg

26. Spatial data integration for classification of 3D point clouds from digital photogrammetry (PDF, 6.4mb)
- Joshphar Kunapo

27. Modelling the driving forces of Sydney's urban development (1971-1996) in a cellular environment (PDF, 7mb)
- Yan Liu and Stuart Phinn

28. Bathymetric evolution at a coastal inlet after channel-edge groyne emplacement (PDF, 19.6mb)
- Peter Wheeler

Volume 2

Volume 2 issue 1 2006

1. Editorial (PDF, 71kb)
- Jim Peterson

2. Validation and sensitivity analysis of a mineral potential model using favourability functions (PDF, 4.9mb)
- Tsehaie Woldai, Alberto Pistocchi and Sharad Master

3. Ore grade estimation of a limestone deposit in India using an Artificial Neural Network (PDF, 2.6mb)
- S. Chatterjee, A. Bhattacherjee, B. Samanta and S.K. Pal

4. The effect of cell resolution on depressions in Digital Elevation Models (PDF, 4.1mb)
- Paul A Zandbergen

5. Spatial information for Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM): An example from the artificial Entrance Channel of the Gippsland Lakes, Australia (PDF, 5.2mb)
- Peter Wheeler

6. Spatial data compression and denoising via wavelet transformation (PDF, 2.5mb)
- Biswajeet Pradhan, Sandeep Kumar, Shattri Mansor, Abdul Rahman Ramli and Abdul Rashid B. Mohamed Sharif


Volume 2 issue 2 2006

7. A brief history of metropolitan planning in Melbourne, Australia (PDF, 1.8mb)
- Jun Tsutsumi and Ray Wyatt

8. Time series analysis of the skyline and employment changes in the CBD of Melbourne (PDF, 1.4mb)
- Jun Tsutsumi and Kevin O'Connor

9. The development of diverse suburban activity centres in Melbourne, Australia: Planning policies and retails locations (PDF, 3.3mb)
- Hiroki Yamashita, Tadashi Fujii and Satoru Itoh

10. The changing socio-economic structure of Dallas, US (PDF, 5.8mb)
- Yuichi Ishikawa and Jun Tsutsumi

11. A comparative study of metropolitan multi-nucleation: Suburban centres and commuter flows within the metropolitan areas of Atlanta, USA, and Melbourne, Australia (PDF, 2.6mb)
- Tadashi Fujii, Hiroki Yamashita and Satoru Itoh

12. GIS-based evaluation of Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) for reducing car dependence within Melbourne, Australia (PDF, 10.1mb)
- Ray Wyatt

13. Accessibility analysis for housing development in Singapore with GIS and multi-criteria analysis methods (PDF, 3.3mb)
- Xuan Zhu, Suxia Liu and Mun-Ching Yeow

14. The spatial analysis of spectral data: Extracting the neglected data (PDF, 585kb)
- Brian Lees

Volume 2 issue 3 2005

15. Strategic thinking for improved regional planning and natural resources management (PDF, 340kb)
- Victor A. Sposito, Ray Wyatt and Christopher J.Pettit

16. Applying an index of adaptive capacity to climate change in north-western Victoria, Australia (PDF, 5.6mb)
- Remy Sietchiping

17. Spatial (GIS-based) decision support system for the Westernport region (PDF, 2mb)
- Claudia Pelizaro and David McDonald

18. Using GIS in Landscape Visual Quality Assessment (PDF, 2.8mb)
- Yingxin Wu, Ian Bishop, Hemayet Hossain and Victor Sposito

19. Using GIS and a land use impact model to assess risk of soil erosion in West Gippsland (PDF, 4.1mb)
- Joanne McNeill, Richard MacEwan and Doug Crawford

20. GIS-based modelling of regional conservation significance (PDF, 6.1mb)
- Victor Sposito and Elizabeth Morse-McNabb

21. Evolutionary computing for optimizing a region's distribution of agricultural production (PDF, 3.1mb)
- Ray Wyatt and Hemayet Hossain

22. Geographical visualization: A participatory planning support tool for imagining landscape futures (PDF, 2.3mb)
- Christopher J. Pettit, William Cartwright and Michael Berry

23. A strategic approach to climate change impacts and adaptation (PDF, 2.1mb)
- Victor A.Sposito

24. Sustainable land resource assessment in regional and urban systems (PDF, 6.2mb)
- Hemayet Hossain, Victor Sposito and Carys Evans

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