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Applied GIS

Applied GIS is an online, peer-reviewed journal. The journal was founded by Monash University's Associate Professor Jim Peterson), and shortly thereafter Associate Professor Ray Wyatt joined Associate Professor Peterson as co-editor.

From 2005 to 2006, for its first two volumes, Applied GIS was published by Monash University ePress. Please note that the journal is no longer published by Monash University, and any questions about the journal should be directed to the Applied GIS editorial team.

From 2007 (volume 3), Applied GIS has been published independently by sole editor Ray Wyatt (following the sad passing of Jim Peterson) on an open access basis.

Applied GIS articles published by Monash University ePress from 2005 to 2006 are now available online in PDF format, on an open access basis. Please see the ePress's Applied GIS contents page.

For all articles in volume 3 and onward, please see the Applied GIS website.

About Applied GIS

Applied GIS publishes articles covering specific applications of GIS (geographic information systems) that demonstrate the deployment of spatial sciences in a wide range of environmental and social science contexts. Applied GIS papers often contain user-defined maps in full colour, and tend to exemplify the kind of decision support for land and infra-structural facility management that takes into account geocodes in corporate databases. The GIS papers published respect the pace of adoption of information-age handling methods, especially in reference to spatial data. Applied GIS welcomes image-rich articles that would be too expensive to publish in print. The journal is available on an open-access basis.

For further information, please contatct the Applied GIS editorial team.

ISSN: 1832-5505