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Publishing Means Business

Australian Perspectives

Edited by Aaron Mannion, Millicent Weber and Katherine Day

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The Australian publishing industry has transformed itself from a colonial outpost of British publishing to a central node in a truly global publishing industry. Despite challenges, including reduced government support for home-grown authors and the arts, small presses thrive and Australian consumers have access to an unprecedented range of foreign and domestic titles. Social media, big data, print on demand, subscription and new compensation models are subtly reshaping an industry that now also relies on more freelance labour than ever before.

Publishing Means Business examines the current state of this exciting and unpredictable industry, while also asking questions about the broader role of publishing within our culture.

About the Editors

Aaron Mannion is associate publisher at Vignette Press. He is deputy chair of the Small Press Network and co-convener of the Independent Publishing Conference’s academic day. His work has been published in Wet Ink, The Sleepers Almanac, Island and elsewhere.

Millicent Weber is a researcher in Publishing Studies in the School of Culture and Communication, University of Melbourne. She is a research assistant on Australian Research Council Discovery Projects ‘New Tastemakers and Australia’s Post-Digital Literary Culture’ and ‘Genre Worlds: Australian Popular Fiction in the Twenty-First Century’. Millicent has a PhD in Literary and Cultural Studies from Monash University. Her doctoral research investigated audience experience at literary festivals, and the relationships between literary festivals and the communities in which they are embedded.

Katherine Day has been working in the publishing industry for over fifteen years. She was an editor at Penguin Group Australia for eight years before freelancing for Penguin Random House, Allen and Unwin, University of Queensland Press (UQP), Rockpool Publishing, and Thames and Hudson. She is currently a sessional course co-ordinator and lecturer in the School of Culture and Communications at the University of Melbourne as well as studying a Masters of Communications Law. Her areas of interest are the business of publishing and the impact of copyright law on the author/publisher relationship.


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