Monash University Publishing: Advancing knowledge


Monash University Publishing is a scholarly publisher of high quality books.

Monash University Publishing is committed to:

  • the dissemination of knowledge and the removal of barriers to the acquisition of knowledge,
  • providing book lovers with attractive and appealing printed products.

Many Monash University Publishing books are made available on the web on an “open access” basis (ie for free) in HTML format. Some are also available for purchase in epub format; this format enables you to download the book for reading on your portable devices; epub suppliers include Amazon, Apple,, Ebrary and Kobo.

Print versions of Monash University Publishing titles are sold into the retail book trade and are also available for purchase online through our eCart.

Monash University Publishing titles are subject to a rigorous and thorough process of peer review. They are counted in the Higher Education Research Collection Data (HERDC).

Monash University Publishing also aims to:

  • represent the breadth and energy of Monash University research interests (while placing no restrictions on who might publish with the press),
  • play a coordinating role in the production and dissemination of Monash’s scholarly publications and
  • provide a body of publishing expertise within the University.

Monash University Publishing was founded as Monash University ePress in 2003. It is located in the Matheson Library, Monash University, Clayton campus, Victoria, Australia.

Overview for authors

Authors should send completed proposals to Proposals will be assessed briefly to see whether a Series Editor or the Director of Monash University Publishing will handle the proposal. The Director or Series Editor will then:

  • assess the initial proposal
  • decide whether or not to commission the work;
  • submit it, if it is commissioned, for refereeing (including by at least one referee external to Monash),
  • make a final decision to accept or reject the work, based on the referees’ reports and,
  • if the work is accepted for publication, steer it through necessary steps of editing, proofreading and file preparation before the commencement of the production process.

The following Series have Series Editors:

A Monash University Publishing Advisory Committee, comprising a range of Monash and external stakeholders, determines the broad strategic direction of Monash University Publishing and ensures that proper processes of operation, especially those necessary for the maintenance of high standards of scholarship, are maintained.

Monash University Publishing pays royalties.

Authors retain ownership of the copyright in their works.

Media Inquiries

For media inquiries, please contact our Marketing Coordinator, Sarah Cannon.