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Knowledge and Global Power: Making New Sciences in the South

By Fran Collyer, Raewyn Connell, João Maia and Robert Morrell

Publication: February 2019
RRP: AUD/US $39.95
ISBN (paperback): 978-1-925495-76-8
ISBN (e-book): 978-1-925495-78-2
Series: Southern Theory

Contesting Australian History:
Essays in Honour of Marilyn Lake

Edited by Joy Damousi and Judith Smart

Publication: February 2019
RRP: AUD/US $34.95
ISBN (pb): 978-1-925835-06-9
ISBN (e-book): 978-1-925835-08-3
Series: Australian History


The Good University:
What universities actually do and why it’s time for radical change

By Raewyn Connell

Publication: March 2019
RRP: AUD/US $29.95
ISBN (pb): 978-1-925835-03-8
ISBN (e-book): 978-1-925835-05-2
Series: Education

Australian and New Zealand rights only.

Seven Big Australians:
Adventures with Comic Actors

By Anne Pender

Publication: April 2019
RRP: AUD/US $29.95
ISBN (pb): 978-1-925835-21-2
ISBN (e-book): 978-1-925835-22-9
Series: Biography



Race, Islam and Power: Ethnic and Religious Violence in Post-Suharto Indonesia

By Andreas Harsono

Publication: 2019
RRP: AUD/US $34.95
ISBN (pb): 978-1-925835-09-0
ISBN (e-book): 978-1-925835-11-3
Series: Investigating Power


Winning for Women:
A Personal Story

By Iola Mathews

Publication: May 2019
RRP: AUD/US $29.95
ISBN (pb): 978-1-925835-15-1
ISBN (e-book): 978-1-925835-17-5
Series: Biography



Talking North:
The Journey of Australia's First Asian Language

Edited by Paul S. Thomas

Publication: May 2019
RRP: AUD/US $34.95
ISBN (pb): 978-1-925835-18-2
ISBN (e-book): 978-1-925835-205
Series: Education


The US Lobby and Australian Defence Policy

By Vince Scappatura

Publication: May 2019
RRP: AUD/US $39.95
ISBN (pb): 978-1-925523-52-2
ISBN (e-book): 978-1-925523-57-7
Series: Investigating Power



The Lajjāgaurī and Anandanāyakī: A New Light on the Nature and Worship of the Ᾱdi-Mātā, the Primordial Mother

By Ramcandra Cintāmaṇ Ḍhere | Translated by Jayant Bhalchandra Bāpaṭ

Publication: May 2019
RRP: AUD/US $39.95
ISBN (pb): 978-1925835-24-3
ISBN (e-book): 978-1925835-26-7
Series: Monash Asia Series




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