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Dunera Lives

A Visual History

By Ken Inglis, Seumas Spark and Jay Winter with Carol Bunyan


The story of the 'Dunera Boys' is an intrinsic part of the history of Australia in the Second World War and in its aftermath. The injustice these 2000 men suffered through British internment in camps at Hay, Tatura and Orange is well known. Less familiar is the tale of what happened to them afterwards. This book tells that story, in two volumes, one in images, and one in life stories.

The images constitute a narrative all of their own. The beauty and power of these traces of the lives of these internees speak for themselves. Once familiar with the images in the first volume, the reader will be able to embrace more fully the profiles in volume two. These are stories of struggle, sadness, transcendence, and creativity that describe the lives of these men and of the society in which they lived, first as prisoners and then as free men.

A contribution to the history of Australia, to the history of migrants and migration, and to the history of human rights, these two volumes put in the public domain a story whose full dimensions and complexity have never been described.

About the Authors

Ken Inglis is an Adjunct Professor at Monash University, and Emeritus Professor at the Australian National University. He is one of Australia's most admired and warmly regarded historians.

Dr Seumas Spark is a Dean of Arts Research Fellow at Monash University.

Jay Winter is Charles J. Stille Professor of History Emeritus at Yale University, and a Distinguished Visiting Professor at Monash University.

Carol Bunyan was born in and raised near Hay, a sixth generation resident of the district. She studied history at the Australian National University in Canberra, where she now lives.  A former public servant, her interest in Hay’s history and museums led to her on-going Dunera research project.

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