Monash University Publishing: Advancing knowledge


Monash University Publishing is a scholarly publisher of high quality books and journals.

Monash University Publishing is committed to:

  • the dissemination of knowledge and the removal of barriers to the acquisition of knowledge,

  • providing book-lovers with attractive and appealing printed products.

Most Monash University Publishing books are made available on the web open access (ie for free) and are available for download to mobile reading devices.

An XML-based workflow facilitates archival e-storage, cross-platform media support, and the capture and circulation of metadata, through which texts are commonly ‘discovered’ by readers and researchers.

Print versions of Monash University Publishing titles are sold into the retail book trade and are available for purchase online.

Monash University Publishing titles have been subject to a rigorous and thorough process of peer review. They are counted in the Higher Education Research Collection Data (HERDC).

Monash University Publishing also aims to:

  • represent the breadth and energy of Monash University research interests (while placing no restrictions on who might publish with the press),

  • play a coordinating role in the production and dissemination of Monash’s scholarly publications and

  • provide a body of publishing expertise within the University.

Monash University Publishing was founded as Monash University ePress in 2003. It is housed in the Matheson Library, Monash University Clayton campus.

How Monash University Publishing operates

Book proposals by Monash authors (staff or students) are forwarded to Editorial Boards based in Monash University Faculties or Research Centres. These boards:

  • decide whether or not to commission the work,

  • submit it, if it is commissioned, for refereeing (including by at least one referee external to Monash),

  • make a final decision to accept or reject the work, based on the referees’ reports and,

  • if the work is accepted for publication, steer it through necessary steps of editing, proofreading and file preparation before the commencement of the production process.

Book proposals by authors from outside of Monash, and by Monash authors working in areas of research for which an Editorial Board has not yet been established, are submitted directly to Monash University Publishing, which then handles refereeing procedures. In these cases copyediting, proofreading, indexing and file preparation are the responsibility of the author(s) or editor(s) of the publication. Monash University Publishing can provide these services but may charge a fee for doing so.

Editors of Monash University Publishing journals process articles and other submitted content through peer review, copyediting and proofreading stages via an online content management system, before Monash University Publishing publishes the journal in pdf and e-book and, where applicable, in print.

A Monash University Publishing Advisory Committee, comprising Faculty Editorial Board members and a range of other Monash and external stakeholders, determines the broad strategic direction of Monash University Publishing and ensures that proper processes of operation, especially those necessary for the maintenance of high standards of scholarship, are maintained.

Monash University Publishing pays royalties.


Copyright Statement

Copyright for all material published on this site is owned or licensed exclusively to Monash University Publishing. All rights are reserved.
Readers are free to read, copy, download, print and display a work provided that:

  • this is solely for personal use or use within the reader’s organisation,

  • full acknowledgement is made of the original copyright owner,

  • the work is not used for any commercial gain in any form, and

  • the reader in no way alters, transforms or builds on the work outside of its use in normal academic scholarship without the express permission of the author and publisher of the publication in question.

Authors of Monash University Publishing titles are not permitted to publish these works on any website other than their personal sites. Authors may post the title of their book on any website and post links on any site that direct readers to the Monash University Publishing site.
In any case of re-use or distribution, readers or authors must make clear to others the license terms of the work.
Enquiries should be directed to the publisher, Monash University Publishing.